My Mosaic (Dec 3)

Happy Friday!

It's December! The Christmas break is coming! It's a time I'm very much looking forward to after a really busy semester. Rest from coursework and routines, time to chill and gather and eat a lot of snacks.

As we've been making plans, I start to realize how loosely we need to hold them. One person gets a cough and it all falls to a standstill. It's a reminder to me how tightly we can hold onto the things of this world and how quickly they can fail us. Only when we realize this can we see the treasure of our hope in Christ and the assurance we have in Him. His steadfast faithfulness, His unchanging nature and His sovereign plan unfolding, even now.

That's really what this season is about anyway, right?


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Here's a few reasons that discourage women from being accountable to each other.

Dethroning my Missionary Hero

"I came away from Elisabeth’s biography with a far more imperfect, cracked, patched up image of her than I had twenty years ago. But that’s true of how I see myself and missions too, for that matter. Knowing that she fought through grief and doubt and failure into a more beautiful understanding of the goodness and sovereignty of God gives me hope. If Elisabeth could get there, I can too."

ShareWord Global - A New Name and Mission for the Gideons in Canada

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Light in the Darkness of Postpartum Depression

"Depression caused me to lose hope. But it was just part of my story, and it wasn’t the end of it."