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My Mosaic (Dec 24)

Merry Christmas!

May your time with loved ones be filled with the love, joy and peace given us from the Father; may the gifts you're given remind you of the greatest gift in the Messiah; and may the times of rest give you greater strength and refreshment to hope in the sovereignty of God.

Grace & Peace


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

From Jen Oshman, on helping parents in the midst of cultural pressure to conform to a secular sexual ethic, with a great resource to help.

"What caused my pause was the first part of that verse, “But when the fullness of time had come.” It pointed me directly back to God and His timing. When it was time, determined by God, not by man, He sent his Son into our world to redeem us. God, alone, knew when the time was right. The truth of that knowledge hitting my heart and soul, sunk down deeply in a way I cannot fully explain. "

Are you a reader? Or do you want to be more intentional with reading widely in the coming year? Check out this reading challenge from Tim Challies! There's a list for everyone, from the light reader to the obsessed to guide your reading life. I use it every year and always find it helpful!

A humbling reminder when the world around us shifts and changes with the pandemic, to keep our eyes fixed on the work of the church and it's impact here and around the world.



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