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My Mosaic (Dec 20)

Friday has come. In the midst of this busy week, preparing for family gatherings, buying a few of those last (or first) gifts, cooking food, and enjoying the kids' last days at school, may we usher in the last few days of advent with the hope, joy and love of our Saviour.

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Ann Voskamp writes that "The Christmas Spirit is about having the same spirit of Christ." She encourages us to reflect on what the Spirit is pressing us into this season; maybe it is letting go, so the Spirit can move, perhaps it's letting the Spirit heal you, or it could mean the deep, necessary work of reconciliation.

It's easy to start the day in a slump, and lazily saunter out of bed as we enter the day. Here are some good thoughts as we try to redeem the first hours of our day, helping us become clearly oriented and better organized.

Straying from the truth is only one slight away, if we are not careful to guard the truth on which we stand. Jared Wilson writes about the biblical foundation for the virgin birth and why it is important for believers to hold on to the truth.

"Will your child's naivety about sex end jarringly on the playground, or wonderfully in the safety of your home?" An encouragement for parents to approach the most intimidating topic of parenting, and a few tips to help as you do!



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