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My Mosaic (Dec 2)

Happy December!

Do you have any advent reading traditions?

Together, our family has usually done a form of Jesse Tree, using Ann Voskamp's Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, The Advent Jesse Tree devotional, or reading through the Jesus Storybook Bible which works out well as one story a day during advent.

This year, I'm kinda excited because I purchased tree ornaments to go along with our reading (rather than hanging the paper ones we've coloured). I appreciate going through the whole narrative of scripture as it helps us as a family remember our need as fallen creatures to the gifts and promises of God.

During this month I usually find myself re-reading On the Incarnation to reflect on the importance of Jesus' coming to us as a human and I started Gifts of Grace by Jared Wilson for a devotional reading.

What are you reading to orient your heart and mind to Christ this season?


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This Week in Articles

Looking Up After Loss: Learning from the Prophet Anna

"So much of Anna’s story amounts to her loss. An empty widow’s home made the temple her abode. Lack of a family led her to practically live in the Lord’s house..but she was not paralyzed or blinded by it."

Make Your Church a Harbor for Returning Missionaries

My family has experienced those unsettled attempts to settle as we returned from overseas. I appreciate the practical tips in this article of planning, presence and provision. As our church anticipates a couple returning next year this will be near to my heart.

The Wonder of Christmas is Found in the Wonderful Counsellor

"Isaiah could only imagine who this wonder of a Child would be, but we know him more fully. All that Jesus said and did makes him worthy of his name, Wonderful."

Strains of the Season: Food and Feasting

"I look at the calendar for December and see the school holiday party, the community group potluck, our various family get-togethers, and Christmas movie nights that *require* a fun dessert. I forget the joys of fellowship and immediately become consumed with the pressure to create, concoct, and cater."

New Advent Resources

Just in case advent snuck up on you, here's a list to browse with songs, books and a playlist from The Gospel Coalition.

12 New Advent Resources to Prepare Your Heart for Christmas

And, because lists are fun and a great way to gather new ideas, here's a few more devotional, book and music ideas this season, put together by my friend Cara!

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