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My Mosaic (August 9)

It's Friday! I have been reminding myself that we are in AUGUST! So this week I've been going through my homeschool books, making a list of a few more I need to order, registering for my courses in September and organizing closets and the craft supplies trolley, which have all gotten a little out of hand. How have you started getting ready for September?

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And, here are this week's links:

In light of the tragic shootings this week, here's an article written by a woman who survived a mass shooting, providing us insight in how to pray for the wounded, the hurting and those surviving.

Was Early Christianity Hostile To Women? The women's rights movement will argue that Christianity is oppressive to women, that a biblical worldview demeans women, negates gender equality, and represses a woman's rights to her body. Here's an article about Christianity and women in the first century.

Among many things that can be said on this topic, here are two: Truth-telling, and gender discipling.

This is a podcast from the Van Maren show on LifeSite News, an interview with Kristen Jensen who writes the book "Good Pictures, Bad Pictures". We, as parents, MUST face the long-term, devastating effects of pornography on our children! Pornography is destroying future marriages & relationships, it develops learned habits which means they can act our sexually on others, even when they haven't been sexually abused themselves. Kids who struggle with porn are not monsters, they are victims of the culture around us. It's a 48 minute podcast, but I encourage you to listen! We need to hear this, we need to become equipped! My favorite quote is "Kids can't face this on their own, they need our help!" Kristen Jensen heads up the organization Protect Young Minds.



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