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My Mosaic (Aug 7)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Happy Friday friends!

With the barley turning golden now, I realize how quickly harvest is coming...and that summer is almost over. After 5 months of the kids being "home," it will mean a lot of changes and adjustments.

As we've been talking, the kids are super excited for school to begin. I am mostly looking forward to it as well. I've begun to realize that things could very quickly change...again, depending on the provincial situation, and that there could be the frustrating notion of children wearing masks at school (meaning that they would touch their faces a million times an hour).

So the Lord reminded me of that big small word, trust.

When I get wound up about the fall, thinking about all the possible scenarios, trying to control all the circumstances, it's just not going to work, and frankly, it doesn't demonstrate that my trust is in a sovereign God, who is always in control.

It does mean that in all that's going on, I will have to surrender my control (or imagination of it) and take one day at a time, one prayer at a time, one Scripture at a time. It's a time of anticipation of 'normal' in the middle of new normal circumstances.

Where do you need to trust God?


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Here's some articles I found interesting this week. I hope they are an encouragement to you!

How To Pray When You Are Feeling Depressed

I think we all feel low at one point or another. Here are some great tips for praying when you feel like you can't.

4 Questions About Parenting and Screen Time

Having acclimatized from the internet-void bush of Africa, screen time becomes an issue that I feel like we constantly have to address and navigate. Here are some helpful thoughts.

Becoming an Emotionally Healthy Wife

Sometimes, I feel like women get the rap of being naturally emotional. I think we can misunderstand that. Just because we are emotional, doesn't mean we are aware of our emotions. Anyway, here are 3 tips to becoming more emotionally healthy!

When God Uses You in Uncomfortable Ways

"When it comes to furthering God’s kingdom, your gifting doesn’t matter as much as your willingness to serve." What a great question, are we willing to do the uncomfortable thing?

Is White Fragility A Helpful Resource for Christians?

Have you considered reading the book White Fragility? I know it has gotten onto my to-read list, just because of the popularity of the book, and the deep considerations of my heart regarding racism and racial reconciliation. Here is Challies' thoughts on whether it is helpful for believers.

'Running the Race:' An Eric Liddell Biography

"Most biographies focus either on Liddell the athlete or Liddell the missionary. InRunning the Race, author John Keddie brings the two together." Check out the link for a short video and a link to purchase.

Flashback: Who Are Your Oldest Friends?

I did a series of icebreaker questions last year, this was my favourite, reflecting on my oldest friends, and the value they have in my life.

Have a great weekend!


Photo taken at Lundar Beach, Manitoba

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