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My Mosaic (Aug 6)

Happy Friday!

One month into summer and it feels like a whirlwind (but that's maybe just me getting back into routine). The kids are having a blast this week at camp, I've been catching up with all the normal life things at home, and heading to my shifts at work. Brent has been back at the office this week on the verge of an exciting lift of mask restrictions.

Our time away flew by. We saw answered prayers as Brent's knee healed up much faster than forecasted, becoming pain free after only a couple weeks. We shared many adventures on beaches, trails and boats. I'm so grateful for this time, for all the Lord was doing in it, and the surprises he had in store for us.

As we enter this weekend, I'm reminded of the contrasts between strength and weakness, trust and fear, praise and grumbling; I notice the paradox of my own existence where these are held in tension.

Then, I stop to "Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust and I will not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation" (Is 12:2). In this prone-to-sin mind and body, the grace of God, his faithful love and mercy become tightly held in my grasp, and I behold with grateful eyes to see the Lord God who alone is my salvation.

May we continue to humble ourselves before him, growing in our dependance on him to provide for our daily needs, according to his will, for his glory.


This Week On the Blog


This Week in Articles

"Sure, the church is faulty and frail and full of misfits, but she is also a Bride set apart for glory." Have you missed your church? Think about it honestly. Prod a little deeper in your heart to answer why, or why not. This is a great article, timely for us this week as we move from drive-in services back to 'normal' indoors!

Kristin writes, "the drama, the disobedience, the division swirling in our world, even within church walls, is inevitable: an unveiling of fault lines formed some time ago." She points us to what's most important.

From 'A Wife Like Me' blog: "Many women do not like asking for help. Even when help is offered, it’s often hard to accept it." Find out some reasons why and some encouragement to help you respond.

Tim Challies reminds us, "the gospel of Jesus Christ promises peace and rest to those who embrace it." What picture comes to your mind when you think about rest? What if the place of true rest isn't just about the beach or a vacation, but about our deepening trust in our Savior.

"Marriage and parenting are teaching this recovering perfectionist to accept that I’m imperfect. I can’t expect or even hope for perfection this side of Heaven." Couldn't have said stronger words to resonate better with this recovering perfectionist!



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