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My Mosaic (Aug 26)

Happy weekend!

I turned 38 this week. I thought I was turning 39, so I was glad to get back another year to contemplate entering my 40s :) We celebrated with a family supper to our favourite local Mexican restaurant followed by a date night at the movies to see Top Gun: Maverick.

While we were watching fighter pilots dogfight on the big screen, we got 4 inches of rain. So we left the theatre to wade through knee-deep waters of the parking lot to get to our truck and dodge small cars, sitting empty, stuck on the streets.

(This brought back a lot of memories from rainy season in Tanzania).

We didn't go out and buy waders, although we've had enough times this spring/summer to benefit from having them. The farmers get a little break from harvest now til things dry up. So it's a brief reprieve until harvest and back to school goes full throttle.

How are you spending these last summer days?


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This Week in Articles

Discipleship = Biblical Literacy + Community Copy

As our church begins small group ministry this fall, I had an interesting conversation about vulnerability with others this week. I think this article helps remind us of the value of fostering safe spaces as well as prioritizing the Word.

Discerning the Thoughts We Listen To

Lara writes, "we know we’re supposed to sift through the words of the world around us to discern if they’re in line with Scripture. But what about the thoughts that rattle around in our own minds?" Read more on paying attention to our thought life.

Singleness and Belonging to a Local Church

"In a congregation made up of married couples, families, and seniors, only a handful of singles (whether never married, widowed, or divorced) were part of our church. I pondered: how can I serve and honor the Lord in my church body? How do I belong here? What’s my purpose as a single woman in the church?"

The Better Way to Discern Your Spiritual Gifts

Here's a good reminder not to rely on spiritual gift tests alone, but rather to discover them by participating in your local church.

Nancy Guthrie: 10 Ways Biblical Theology Helps Christians

"It's not about you." One of the errors we make in studying scripture is assuming the passage is about me. This article shows us the importance of approaching the Bible as one story rather than a set of stories put together, and how that helps our Christian faith.

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