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My Mosaic (Aug 18)

Happy weekend!

We've been battling the viral thing going around, sorting through school supplies and finishing up a week of swimming lessons. Our gym is hosting a BJJ tournament this weekend which two of my kiddos will participate in. (Neither my husband nor I feel the need or necessity to compete, even though we train). But it's always a fun event, getting to know the competitors and the other gyms, so we're looking forward to it.

The activities we enjoy are gifts from God. He's given us skills and opportunities to have fun, allowing us glimpses of the joy of heaven. Whether it's sports, music or creating, we get to live a life of love through the things that bring pleasure as it brings glory to God.

I hope you have a great weekend. What's bringing you joy these days?


This Week on the Blog

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This Week in Articles

What Relationship Does Repentance Have With Benediction?

My friend Martha is doing a series on benedictions and this week she takes a look at the connection of repentance with receiving benediction.

Keep Your Cool While Cheering for Your Kid

I remember my days as a soccer referee when I was in high school, and it wasn't great. Dads on the sidelines shouted at my calls, claiming I didn't know the game (one I competed in at the provincial level), all because offside rules are different in soccer than in hockey. I continue to love sports and as a parent can be a somewhat excitable cheer-er for my kids. I loved this article, as they bring up some great points about integrity and present thoughtful reflection questions for us and our kids. (My favourite was the 24 hour rule).

That Sports Day Feeling on God's Team

Carrying on with the sports theme for another minute, I appreciated this one reminding us, "God has called you to His team, do not doubt that He has a plan for you!"

Bible Study Tips for Beginners: How to Study the Bible in Context

I love my friend Jana's tips for bible study. In this article she breaks down what it means to study a passage in context. It's not hard, but maybe new to you. So check out this easy to read article for today's tip!

On the Crushing Guilt of Failing at Quiet Time

Guilt. We carry a lot of it as Christians. Read this article to rediscover grace and, hopefully, longing for relationship with God.

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