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My Mosaic (Aug 14)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Welcome to the weekend!

It was a somewhat regular week for me. I finished my last major research paper for the summer term, discussing trauma-related disorders and building resilience skills among frontline workers.

...speaking of trauma, I was out for a morning bike ride in the country a few days ago, and was attacked by dogs - gratefully I wasn't hurt badly, only one bite - and now I'm praying I don't have to receive the rabies shots!

I canned my first batch of spaghetti sauce with our fresh tomatoes. The kiddos enjoyed a sleepover with their grandparents and we are looking forward to our last camping trip of the season next week!

That was my highlight reel for the week.

As summer begins to wrap up, I start looking forward to the fall, and trying to plan, or not plan, with activities that may or may not happen, such is the ambiguity we live with. But I think it's teaching me to be more content with the moments and reminding me to hold my plans loosely.


Hope you enjoy this week's articles! Have a great weekend!

"Just when it seems like these fears of fading beauty are going to cripple me with insecurity and swallow me whole, I remember that I don’t have to give way to them. There is a choice to be made in moments like these. There is a different truth to believe." 

Perhaps a little bias here, but it's an encouragement for me too! Times are changing and pressure mounts, let's continue upholding our church leaders in the decisions they make moving forward this year.

A family living near Beirut, experiences the changing dynamics of Middle Eastern politics and how he explains the impact of the explosion to their kids.

My friend Jennifer shares with honesty two truths that shifted her marriage. Don't complain. Have faith.

"We have access to true peace today. It doesn’t look like what our culture is selling. It’s deeper, eternal, and soul-settling"

"Being weary is an understandable feeling, but it’s not one that we want to take residence in our heart long-term." Here's some tips to help.

"Corrie Ten Boom served within the places God placed her... What opportunity has God put you in? What people has He placed around you?"

After my grandma's passing last week, leaving a legacy has been on my mind. Here are some helpful truths to apply to your life, as you consider what you are leaving behind.



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