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My Mosaic (Apr 3)

It's the weekend.

How are you doing?

There are so many emotions, kiddos at home, life changing...this is a really hard time.

It almost seems fitting that our 'spring break' is ending in a snowstorm. I think it seems to represent the chaos, the chill and uncertainty that lies within our hearts in this season. Looking ahead, we've got plenty more time we will be spending at home, unsure what news each day will hold.

I read about a healthcare worker in New York City who was told to guard her N95 mask with her life, because they are in such short supply. It got me wondering, if I had to guard something, one thing, what would it be?

Honestly, right now, I think I want to guard my thoughts. Once my brain starts running into the "what ifs..." it is a slippery slope to panic. We want to follow the rules, do everything right, stay away from people, wash our produce and believe that we will be fine.

We get ready and practice all the things we are supposed to, which is exactly what we should be doing. But we need to be careful once we start going into the "what ifs" because panic will pounce on us.

Rather, remembering all the "But God...." instead. Remember truth. That's my encouragement for us today.

Here's my collection of articles this week. I know you're probably spending more time online these days, but hopefully you will find some encouragement here!

In the Silver Chair, from Chronicles of Narnia, we meet a character known as the Marsh-Wiggle. In the story he reminds the children that they need to follow Aslan's instructions, even when they don't know what will happen after. This article shares part of that story and why it's important for us as we walk in obedience.

An encouragement for believers as we navigate this unexpected season, to reach out with love, care and concern, by connecting with those around us and sharing Gospel truth.

An article from the Kelty blog reminding us that even if we can't go 'out' we can stay 'in' and have a good time camping! (given the snowstorm in Manitoba right now...the basement may be the better option).

A new book just published this week is "Epic: An Around the World Journey Through Christian History" by Tim Challies. He traveled around the world to discover 33 objects that reveal a piece of history that God has been accomplishing through the world. There is a book and also a video series. You can watch a free episode!

As we have been spending more time within the 4 walls of our home, perhaps we need a little more organization, intention or direction. Here's a review from a very helpful book!


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Amber Thiessen
Amber Thiessen
03 abr 2020

Thank you for your honesty Aunt Lil. It’s something we are all battling these days. Praying peace over our hearts today. ❤️

Me gusta

"How are you doing?" is a question that is difficult to answer these days in the midst of my super anxious mind & runaway thoughts in my head. Thank you for some grounding thoughts & resources to check. The prayer is helpful too. Thank you for taking the time to write these helpful & encouraging posts.

Me gusta
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