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My Mosaic (Apr 2)

May the grace of our Lord be with you on this Good Friday.

"O God, you sent Christ Jesus to be my shepherd and the lamb of sacrifice. Help me to embrace the mystery of salvation, the promise of life rising out of death. Help me to hear the call of Christ and give me the courage to follow it readily that I, too, may lead others to you. This I ask through Jesus, my shepherd and guide."

Phyllis Tickle, The Divine Hours


This Week On The Blog


This Week Around the Web

An Open Letter to Women in the Church

"Sister, don't try to follow Christ alone."

When the Bible Turns Into Instagram

An article by Trevin Wax about his family's experience contrasting the pros and cons of Bible apps with print.

How to Focus On Things That Really Matter

My friend Twyla shares this encouragement to help us put first things first.

Soul Food

"Ours is the invitation to intimate deep-feasting on the written Word in the company of the Living Word. Ours is the promise of soul-banqueting, as the Holy Spirit takes the things of Christ and makes them known to us (John 14:26)."

The #1 Quality Non-Christians Look For

What about your character would be appealing to a normal person? Read this article from James Emery White to find out.

Watch: Ragged: Spiritual Disciplines for the Spiritually Exhausted

A great new book coming out from Gretchen Ronnevik helping us reframe the exhaustion we feel from trying to be 'good enough' in our spiritual practices, to resting in the grace of God. I'm part of the launch team, and have read it through. It's a 5 star read!! Check out this 2 minute trailer and meet Gretchen and her heart in writing this book! (And preorder if you wanna get it!)

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