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How the Gospel Applies to PMADs and the ER

I'm blessed to partner with my friend Kyleigh Dunn in this 4-part this series on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) and the emergency room. These articles are featured on her blog, The Sorrows of Eve where she provides resources and encouragement broadly for the church and more intimately for the moms who are struggling.

If this is you, don't hesitate to reach out to the crisis helpline, call 9-8-8 (in both Canada and the USA) .

Welcome to Part 3.


In this conversation about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, we don't want to neglect encouragement for those supporting us through our struggles with PMADs.

This post highlights a note for husbands, as they can feel just as helpless as we do when we're struggling, particularly when there's nothing tangible to "fix."

Also, I write as a professional who helps people as they work through their struggles with mental health, but also as a woman who's been there herself. This week I also share a bit of a testimony and encouragement related to shame and how we can apply gospel truths.

And last (but not least) a note for churches, because walking alongside each other as brothers and sisters in Christ means we've got to be ready to address these hurts and sufferings with each other.

I hope you'll keep reading and pray you'll be encouraged.


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