What's On My Shelf: April 2019

Truth be told, my stack of #books isn't on one shelf. It's actually a collection of piles, scattered across my desk, nightstand and kitchen cabinet (and a few random overflow locations that my husband wishes he could avoid)... oh, and on my iPad.

Always having enjoyed reading, I found myself sticking to categories that I was most comfortable with. Last year I discovered the #vtreadingchallenge from a friend, and it has really challenged the broadness of what I read. It helped me begin engaging in books that I normally wouldn't pick up, like biographies or church history. Mortimer Adler writes* "Good books are over your head; they would not be good for you if they were not." What we read influences how we think, which helps us to better engage with what we believe, and with the world around us.

So, I share with you some of the books I have read this year, in case something will catch your eye!


The True Story of Canadian Human Trafficking by Paul Boge. This book was honestly, a hard read. Yet, just because it was hard, doesn't mean it shouldn't be read. This book is written in an excellent way that informs you about human trafficking from a variety of perspectives. It tells the story of Joy Smith -an MP in the Canadian government- as her and her team work to get Bill C-268 into law (minimum sentencing for those found guilty of human trafficking), it tells the story of a girl who was trafficked and also provides the perspective of a john. I learned a lot, I grieved a lot. I am grateful for the Joy Smith Foundation and the work they are doing to both bring an end to human trafficking and help girls heal from the trauma of their experiences.

Church History

2,000 Years of Christ’s Power: Volume 1 The Age of the Early Church Fathers by Nick Needham. We are studying medieval history in our homeschool this year, and I found this collection of church history. It was super helpful to reinforce what we were studying, and help me think about the life of the early church and how the Christian faith was shaped in the early years. Next I'll move onto Volume 2 :)

Destroyer of the Gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World by Larry Hurtado. I really enjoyed this book! I feel like in the year 2019, we have a difficult time understanding what life was like in the first century, and how faith in Jesus caused people's lives to be so different. This book helps to show the drastically different life that Christians lived compared to their pagan neighbours, and the challenge that it was to do live different.

Sola: How the Five Solas Are Still Reforming the Church by Jason Allen.

The five Latin phrases (Sola scriptura, sola fide, sola gratia, sola christus, sola deo gloria) that marked the Reformation have an influence on us today. These are five essays on each Sola that help us see the relevance and importance of the Reformation on our faith today.

Christian Living

Family Worship by Donald Whitney. This was a simple read on how family worship is seen in scripture, in history and practically in our homes. Sing. Read. Pray. A great encouragement and challenge as we lead our families.