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My Mosaic (Sept 9)

Happy Friday, friend!

I don't know about you, but, what a week! My kids started back at school, so it was a little hairy getting everything organized, and a little sad to say goodbye to a summer that came and went all too fast. There is, however, excitement about being back in routine and with all my kids in full days this year, I even cleaned my house.

Whether the transition back to school is challenging for you or other circumstances in life, this quote from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth really challenged me:

"If God seems to be writing an unusual story in your life, don’t resist His penmanship on the pages of your days. Don’t balk against the bumps and bruises He writes into your script. I will be the first to confess that His Providence can, at times, read like a mystery novel, but in the end, His storyline for those who trust Him is always wise, specific, and good. Good for you and for others. Best of all, good for the kingdom."

I relate with her 100% on God's providence being a mystery novel sometimes. Not seeing the whole picture of the why's in life, particularly in seasons of suffering. But His truth prevails, His kingdom goes forth, and trusting His purposes in our circumstances will help steady our soul through uncertainty.

May you be comforted by the promise of God's presence with you and your family today.


This Week on the Blog

**Also note, I've added AUDIO to the blog posts for those of you who prefer listening to reading. I'd love your feedback on whether this is a helpful tool for you!! **


This Week in Articles

Lord Help Me See the Ways to Die Today

Trevin Wax reflects on his daily prayer, asking the Lord to give him chances to die to self, and for the Spirit to help recognize those opportunities. It's a bold prayer, one we could all consider as we're called to take up our cross daily to follow Christ.

Growing Gospel Resilience in Our Children

"Our children are far more observant than we might think. They can sense our fear and/or our need for them to succeed and perform well, in whatever form that may take in our family. Our over-desires color our households and stain the souls of our children. Such a reality is sobering and convicting for me as I navigate parenting our three growing boys."

Now What? How Parents Can Pray for their College-Aged Kids

My friend Cara sent her kids off to college last week. Here's her encouragement on how to support and pray for them as we also send them.

The First Two Minutes Matter Most

As summer ends and church attendance becomes more regular, here's a challenge for your consideration!

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