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My Mosaic (Oct 14)

Happy Friday!

We're traveling this weekend enjoy some family time at a. waterpark. Hope your weekend is restful and purposeful as well!


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

Read this beautiful encouragement on Christ holding us from my friend Lara.

Find a solution here and the encouragement to keep our light burning.

For all of us who prefer change in ourselves to happen instantaneously, here's some insight in what God does through the impatience.

It's the question parents face, probably, daily. Here are some thing to remember as we have these conversations.

If you've ever felt frustrated and discouraged after trying on 3 outfits (or more) before going out, you will truly appreciate this podcast from Journeywomen!! The first half is a short biblical theology of clothing and the second half dives into Christ-centered thinking about getting dressed.



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