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My Mosaic (Nov 5)

Welcome to the weekend!

If you're feeling like me, it's going to be a wonderful time to rest up a bit! It's been a busy week working on papers for my seminary class and seeing clients, so having a couple days for R&R is going to be lovely!

(Plus the weather is going to be warm giving opportunity to finish up some outdoor cleanup before the snow flies!)

What are your plans this weekend?


This Week in Articles

Two Truths About the One Percent

"A church that genuinely, faithfully worships Jesus together each week is all the more prepared to live as the church each hour, and a church that lives as the church all week enjoys the sweetest worship together each Sunday."

4 Ways to Cultivate Missional Prayer as a Family

"If we fail to cast a vision for how awesome God truly is, our children will miss a key aspect of his character." I really enjoyed Jenny's practical tips for families!

Spiritual Flourishing Is Possible, Mommas

It's launch week for Momma Theologians!! Here's an article from Cassie on the blog, "friends, life will always be busy, and there will always be things that tempt us away from spiritual flourishing. Growing in Christ during motherhood is possible, and I’m living proof of it."

Sin is Not Who You Are

"You have no need to work your way into his love or achieve his holiness. Christ has done it in your place."

I'm Haunted by Intrusive Thoughts

A reflection from Lara on the experience of thoughts that invade our mind.

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