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My Mosaic (Nov 27)

Happy Friday, friend!

Video calls have often been a part of our life, especially when we were in Africa. We'd set the laptop on the table at the guesthouse while we were having dinner, so we could chat with our families back home. Having this routine for a couple of years, you'd think we would be good at it, but that really wasn't the case. Often the kids would just stare at their own faces, stick out their tongues, forgetting to answer the question their auntie just asked them.

The last few weeks, as part of the Awana program, their leaders have been calling our home to give the kids an opportunity to say their verses, so that they can stay on track and complete their books for the end of the year (since we are in lockdown).

I'm grateful for all the time and effort they put in to making these calls, it's really shown me the heart of the church for these kids and the continued practice of memory work. The added bonus, is that I've found my kids beginning to pay more attention to the phone call, saying their verses and answering the questions. Small pieces of growth and development that I'm grateful for along this journey of pandemic life.

What's something you are grateful for this week?




Here's a few articles I found around the web this week, hope you enjoy!

From Christianity Today, an article reminding us of the challenges cross-cultural workers face in the pandemic, the difficult choices that have to be made, and following God wherever He leads. A call for us to continue to pray for the kingdom work around the world, those who serve and those who lead these organizations that send them.

A courage filled story from Rachel about what she learned through a very lonely season, and how it drew her nearer to the Lord. "He removed my community so I could more fully understand my identity as one who belongs to Jesus."

"I want seeing eyes. I want to live grateful and open and deeply alive—to love well and live well—to embrace the treasure in the small moments and the people I live near."

"We will be thankful for our beautiful honest things because they tell our stories"

"Our pastor completed pre-marriage counseling with us. But nothing really prepared us for marriage struggles." Here are a few truths to build on as you navigate married life.



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