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My Mosaic (Nov 25)

Happy Friday!

If you're a friend across the border, I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving celebrations with family and friends.

With a paper due this weekend, I found myself procrastinating and reorganized our mudroom. If ever there's a closet or a room that needs an overhaul, the end of the semester is usually when it gets done.

In our distractions we need the gentle reminder to come back to what it is we're doing. Sometimes it's during prayer, or during our Bible reading, our mind drifts, our phone dings, or we see something out the window. Distraction just means something has captured our attention and it's our opportunity to direct it back where we want it to be. It's why Paul reminds us to "set our mind on things above" (Col 3:2) because our attention is prone to diversion.

As we consider where our focus goes this season, preparing to celebrate and remember Christ's first advent, and everything those preparations entail, may our contemplation be directed, time and again, back to the God-man born for our redemption, and may we never get tired of the reminder.


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This Week in Articles

We were talking at the rink the other night about who was already done their Christmas shopping...nothing like remembering the pressure is on. Here's some encouragement on how and why we celebrate and how to do so from a place of rest in Christ.

Here's Ti'ms review on a new documentary about the history of revival.

Contentment in a consumer driven world, it's not easy. Find some helps along the way to fix your eyes above, even as you get some shopping done this weekend.

Celebrating our uniqueness and gifts, despite our differences with our spouse. Some words on God's beautiful, uncomfortable plan for your marriage.

"Blessedness isn’t only defined by fruitfulness but by faithfulness." A look at what it means to be blessed from Psalm 1.



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