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My Mosaic (Nov 15)

Its the end of another week! We have been enjoying the Disney parks and some nice, humid Florida weather. It is a busy time getting all the rides in and making sure we all stay together. E is really enjoying the roller coaster rides, the other two are not as much, but having fun watching the animals at Animal kingdom and the characters.

I’ve been keeping up with articles to share with you, hope you enjoy!

Some good things to think about as you lift up your pastors in prayer.

Challies shares a different way for moms to think about their bodies after having babies.

If you’re wondering if your decision is right or wise, heres a story of trusting

that God is not powerless even when you feel like you are.

Here are a few tips to talking with your child who is struggling with depression

Have a wonderful day everyone! We are back at Magic Kingdom today, so I’m off running 😆 🏃‍♀️



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