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My Mosaic (May 14)

It's time for the weekend.

Not that during the lockdown there's a whole lot of plans, but gathering as a family and doing life and worship is a break from the routines of work and school. Hope you have a great weekend, and that you enjoy this week's articles!


This Week On The Blog


This Week Around the Web

From Jen Wilkin, "I wish more women understood this perspective when it comes to learning the Bible. Being a student of any subject requires effort—the process of gaining understanding is not easy and can often be frustrating. "

"The numbers hint that for increasing numbers of people, life feels like torture, and hope seems an unreachable ideal. How do we love others so mired in suffering? As the body of Christ, how do we recognize and work with the despairing, and usher them back toward hope?" Find ways to help in this article.

**For help in Manitoba through our regional Crisis Services call, 1-888-617-7715.

Glenna Marshall writes,"The exhaustion is real. Just surviving feels like the right answer sometimes, doesn’t it? Yet what I’ve learned from older, more seasoned believers is that knowing Christ is the only way to endure those tough years when you’re pulled in a thousand different directions. "

So, if you're here in Manitoba, the words "post-pandemic" aren't true just yet, we're only beginning the third wave. But I think the term languishing relates well for us, so check out this article to find out more about it and encouragement in our coping.

From my friend Terri, "Life has no big, red easy button even if commercials advertise they do. There is only drawing close, learning to discern, walking between two worlds, and walking in the hope of Christ."

Another friend Amy asks, "Do you ever find yourself assuming that everyone else has it all together? That no one else struggles with feeling inadequate and out of place? That only you feel like you don't belong and you're different and weird?" She gives some helpful tips to change our mindset.



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