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My Mosaic (July 2)

Happy Friday!

Our family is enjoying some hot weather with friends at Riding Mountain National Park this weekend! 🏕 Hiking, paddling and biking are on the agenda 🛶 Bear activity is high; 🐻 we’ve got a ’local’ wandering through campsite and we’ve seen a mama with her two little cubs. They were so cute, but happily viewed from the security of our truck.

Time in nature reminds me, ”through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made” (John 1:3). To enjoy the outdoors is to joyfully acknowledge his splendour and goodness. In your activities this weekend, his handiwork is all around you, may your eyes be lifted toward him.


This Week On The Blog


This Week In Articles

Based on 1 Cor 13, a prayer to grow our love.

“I’d experienced the exact feelings she’d just described. I, too, felt spiritually dry—almost numb to the things of God. I couldn’t focus when I tried to pray or read His Word. My daily routines had completely evaporated, leaving me feeling like I was in a spiritual desert with no oasis in sight.”

“The vast majority of Christians in the West have bought into the lie that “busy is best.” Here’s an encouragement to embrace Gods call to rest.

From Megan Hill who writes, “if we haven’t considered how we dress, we won’t be able to help the next generation think through it either.”

“The topic of hospitality is near and dear to my heart. I truly believe it is both a lost art and a gospel mandate.” As pandemic restrictions begin to loosen again, an encouragement to consider the barriers we have to hosting.



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