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My Mosaic (Feb 4)

Happy Friday!

Another blizzard swept across our province this week, providing opportunity for adrenaline to flow freely while driving across highways painted with ice. It's followed by extreme cold warnings as the windchill dips near -40C.

School cancels, plans change. It's just part of adjusting to the weather. Reminding us we are kept in the hands of the Father, no matter the weather or season we are enduring.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you enjoy this week's articles!


This Week On The Blog


This Week In Articles

Our Hearts and Minds Turned Outward

'And in just that way, social media can be used for such good and such ill. It can display human beings at their best and worst, their most gracious and most condescending, their most humble and most prideful."

The Downside of Your Bible-Saturated Newsfeeds

"While we’d love to get our prayer life in order, learn the attributes of God, and foster deep discipleship with our children by next Tuesday, God knows our sanctification will most likely be a much slower process."

Receive the Gift of Limits

For when you want to do everything, or struggle to fit it all in, here's some reasons why it's not bad that you can't.

All This Wasted Worry

Our anxieties can easily pile up, Glenna Marshall encourages us to see the futility in the "what if's" with a prayer of trust instead.

LISTEN: Come Lord Jesus with Nancy Guthrie

I enjoyed this podcast from JourneyWomen as Hunter interviews Nancy Guthrie on the return of Christ.

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