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My Mosaic (Feb 18)

Welcome to the weekend!

It's been a really fun week as the kids brought home their packs of valentines, enjoyed the book fair at school, started sparring with equipment in their tae kwon do class and played a hockey game. We have a long weekend, so we're looking forward to spending it long as the blizzard conditions improve by tonight!

Enjoy your weekend!


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This Week in Articles

Why is "Re-converting" Easier Than Repenting?

I remember those years at camp, as a teenager and as a leader, when other kids would rededicate their lives to Christ. I've often wondered what was up with that, here's an article that identifies the possible hole of repentance in our church culture.

How Looking to Christ Lifts the Weight of Motherhood

When we're caring for young kids, so much of our attention is focused on looking down or within. Read about how to shift your gaze to Christ and find rest and peace in Him.

Why Am I Still Depressed After Reading My Bible

"Have you ever asked yourself why opening the living Word of God has little to no impact on you in these moments? Maybe you even feel guilty about it. “Why don’t I feel better?” Let’s first consider some of these precious promises in Scripture."

Relationships Don't Just Happen. They Take Training

"We disciple our young people to love God and to work hard. But relational formation is important, too."

15 Resolves for Maintaining Spiritual Balance in Interpersonal Conflict

"Here are fifteen areas of obedience that will bring personal peace, assure that God’s reputation is honored in our lives, and improve dramatically the possibility for reconciliation."

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