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My Mosaic (August 16)

Happy Weekend! I got my first batch of salsa done this week, which has been fun. My sweet peppers have been slow, so I'll need to find some more :) Cooler evenings whisper the nearing of fall, and can't believe it's already middle of August. We'll go enjoy some festival activities this weekend here in town for PlumFest! What are you up to this weekend?

(This week on the blog: Summer Thankfulness and Watchfulness: Recovering A Lost Spiritual Discipline - A Book Review)

Here's this weeks highlights from the Web:

Community 101: Finding vs. Building

"Community is not something found, it is something forged." We need to get away from thinking we can "find" the "right" community and start thinking about how we can build community with the people around us. Sounds like it will be the first among a few posts by James Emery White about community.

Ten New and Notable Books for August

Tim Challies gets a lot of books in his mailbox to review, here's his top list of new books coming out in August.

How To Navigate Youth Sports as Christ Followers

Our family hasn't been involved with any sports over the summer, but as September draws near and activities begin, this is always a question on our families' heart. Some good advice and questions as we navigate life with kids and sports.

How To Help Teens Study the Bible

Some tips to help your teen study the Bible.

Practicing Gospel Awareness or "Christian Mindfulness"

An article by Dr. Tim Lane to help us focus on Gospel truths and keep these truths near the front of our minds.

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