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Mosaic (Jan 19)

Happy Friday!

We reached temperatures below -30C this week, though not unexpected for our winters on the Canadian prairies, it's usually a bit of a shock to your body as you notice parts of yourself you're normally ignorant of.

Walking to the car from the parking lot, my eyeballs hurt, my cheek muscles felt paralyzed, my fingers numb trying to fumble with my car keys and my noise hairs were freezing together.

In the discomfort, I'll remember the joy of a winter escape next month and endeavour to remember all the things I love about where I live.

I hope you enjoy the content this week.

Grace & Peace,


Content: This Week…

Five Things

There wasn't time this week to bring you a helpful collection of thoughts, so I hope you enjoy the rest of the content!

On the Blog

Have you thought about friendship lately? Here's reasons I've been grateful for my friendships and why these relationships are so important.

On my Shelf

I finished two novels this week: Night Fall by Nancy Mehl, a criminal minds type about a FBI profiler who has to go back to her past to solve a current case, and The Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen, a regency era novel about a young woman unmarried and pregnant, rejected by her family and left to plot her life on her own.

I started The Transfiguration of Christ by Patrick Shreiner as a book about theology for my reading challenge, so far it's very accessible and I'm really challenged about how I've not really paid much attention to this part of Jesus' life.

In Articles 

3 Parenting Principles From Paul | Susan Narjala (Risen Motherhood)

Maybe the apostle Paul isn't the first guy you think of for parenting advice, but here we've got a few tips to guide our parenting from a spiritual father to his churches.

Cremation or Burial: Does Our Choice Matter? | Justin Dillehay (The Gospel Coalition)

I'd been thinking about this lately, so my interest was peaked when this article came out. "Burial isn't a final act but an opening act. It's not just an end; it's a beginning."

The nations rage, the rulers plot, but we can take heart, the Lord sits enthroned above and he will not be moved."

Humility at Home | Cindy Matson

There was conviction ringing in this one. "While home is safe and comfortable, it can also be one of the most difficult places to demonstrate one of the most basic Christian virtues: humility." I really enjoyed how she unpacks Moses' relationship with Aaron and Miriam to give us a model of humility in our family relationships.

Memorization Challenge | Glenna Marshall

If scripture memory was in your goals for 2024, look no further for a helpful resource. She's inviting you to memorize Psalm 1 with her! You'll get a guide and weekly accountability which is so helpful when working to accomplish a goal. She's written an excellent book on the topic, so I'd encourage you to check it out.

"the more heavenly minded we are—the more our heads and hearts are fixed on Jesus, his kingdom, and his purposes—the more earthly good we will be. And the more happy and healthy and whole we will be as well."

In Snapshots

(the teepee him and his buddies worked on in class lives on and we're having a hard time releasing it)

(brushing up on my ukelele since my daughter's taken an interest again)

(yay for working on joy!)

(from which angle can I show my house as the cleanest??)

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