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Mosaic (Apr 5)

Yay for Fridays!

The highlight reel this week included the return to school for the kiddos, dentist appointments, basketball and jiu-jitsu practice. I'm very ready to put away some of our winter stuff, the entryway is truly stuffed with every form of footwear, hats and jackets.

Then I remember, it's the prairies, and it's spring, so really anything can happen. I'll wait.

I hope this week's collection of content will be uplifting. Have a great weekend!

Grace & Peace,


Content: This Week…

Five Things: On Our Transplant Day Anniversary

If you have time, read the 10 part series. (Or this post to summarize)

1 Remembering

In a hospital, standing tall, surrounded by cornfields, an ambulance sped away with an 8 month old baby girl, who had a severe pneumonia, and her mama at her side. It was the day it all began. As winter fades and the sunrays grow warm, we celebrate a past season that makes my heart both quiver and rejoice at the same time.

"Bless the Lord, O my soul and forget not all his benefits" (Ps. 103:2).

2 I call it ours.

The transplant was for her little body, to introduce the cells she didn't have, yet desperately needed, but it's a journey we walked through as a whole family. Her older sister was the donor, her brother made funny faces through the window to make her smile, her daddy held her and sat with her that day, while I ran back and forth from the operating room to the ward, as bone marrow was harvested, then infused. It's a day we all remember and celebrate.

There are others who celebrate alongside us, remembering the journey almost as vividly as we do—the family, friends, and numerous others who dropped on their knees to pray. These gospel partnerships sought the love and grace of the Father on our behalf. This week as we've studied Philippians 4, I think on Paul's words, "it was kind of you to share my trouble" (4:14) for we too were surrounded by love and support, and how their gifts were a fragrant offering to the Lord.

3 The grace & mercy of God

We didn't deserve her healing, just as we don't deserve salvation. I think on these parallels often, because it was in this season I really, deep down, connected with the meaning of grace. You know, the moment what you believe becomes more visceral, raw, and real.

4 Don't stop remembering

She's not taking any medications, doesn't have any ongoing treatment other than a bi-yearly checkup. So it's easy to forget when her illness doesn't affect our everyday lives. The Lord instructed his people to remember, through regular sacrifices and feasts, that they would remember he was Yahweh, the one who brought them out of Egypt. Sometimes even miracles move to the attic of our memory and we need to pull them out, dust the cobwebs off and rejoice in what he's done. It takes effort to count our gratitudes, to notice all the ways God's goodness permeates our daily lives, but as faithful followers, we don't stop recounting.

5 "What if...."

There's a lot of ways I could borrow trouble if I wanted to, but I really don't. I can acknowledge the reality of risks, but today is enough to manage (Matt. 6:34) and the Lord alone knows what the future holds. It's not wise to ride the 'what if' train, and instead I'll cast my cares upon him and live faithfully today.

On the Blog

With the rise of female empowerment, it is important to reiterate to Christian women the all-sufficiency of Christ. Read more in my review.

On my Shelf

  • I haven't started anything new this week, working instead on finishing the handful I've already begun.

  • Our study of Philippians wrapped up this week, as did my prep work using this commentary.

  • Also finished this title journeying through Psalm 23. (Keep an eye out for this review soon!)

In Articles 

"Acceptance is believing and trusting that the One who does have control is good and trustworthy, even when we can’t see it in the moment. It’s humbly receiving his purposes and will for our life be

cause we not only believe our Father’s promises, but we trust that he will be faithful to bring them about."

A worthy reflection on this week after Easter.

Comfort From Psalm 139 For the Parent Grieving Miscarriage | Ashley Anthony (Gospel-Centered Discipleship)

When we're struggling with grief while the world diminishes the value of our loss, the words of Psalm 139 lighten the darkness.

God's Training Program | Cindy Matson

How are we trained to become more like Christ? Cindy shares a few ways with us.

Social Media Poisoning | Melissa Edgington

How affected are we by advertising? Even when we're using social feeds for good, Melissa reminds us to pay attention to the impact it has on us.

A great question to answer for ourselves, and to present as we interact with others: Why do you do what you do?

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