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It's been 4 years of writing in this space.

I'm a little surprised to still be here, but so glad that I am.

Life as a writer can be hard to explain if you haven't experienced it, but it's like staying inside an elevator of a busy hotel and fast forwarding. You're constantly sliding between the courage to believe you have something meaningful to say (the bright sunny penthouse suites on the top floor) and the doubts that everything has already been said - likely even more eloquently - by someone else (the dreary concrete basement where there's only storage and mechanical stuff).

There's times the elevator is full when your posts are shared and read by many, the treasured moments of receiving encouragement or a note from a reader. Then there's the more lonely times when you wonder if anyone is "out there" and if your words make a difference; uncertainty creeps in. People step in and out of the elevator and we're carried along for the ride.

So, thank you for being here and joining me on the ride! I'm humbled by the support of shares from Tim Challies, from writer friends who encourage me, and I'm grateful for you because you're here reading this little corner of the blogging world. The goal is to encourage and equip you, so may the Lord be glorified in it and may the words shared here serve you to that end.

Thanks again for being here!


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