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Favourite Books About Missions

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

"“The history of missions is the history of answered prayer.”

― Samuel Zwemer

It can be easy for those of us "at home" to go on with our daily lives, the constance of rhythms and routines, without a thought about the nations and God's work in the world.

It can be hard when you're the one on the field, feeling somewhat alone and isolated from family and friends, the familiar, the place you call home - perhaps feeling forgotten.

I've been guilty of this. Neglecting time in prayer for those who have been sent out. I've hurried about my day, absorbed in my own activities.

Reading about missions helps bring my mind back to the work God is doing in the world, His purposes for the nations and His glory.

This is why I present to you some books about missions. To help us as we remember the Great Comission and those we have sent. To fix our eyes on God's work and how we can join Him in it in prayer.

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Packed with stories from women who serve as missionaries; their life, faith and struggles. Really challenging to read through a mother's eyes.

Encouraging stories from Tim's travels to encourage missionaries across the globe, written as a diary of his travels about the people he has met along the way.

If you have ever wondered, "Why missions?" This is the book to answer that question. Packed with theology, scripture and heart, this book won't leave you the same.

When you live among another culture, or in a multicultural context, there are numerous cultural nuances that we may not understand. This book helps guide your understanding of how honor, shame and fear based cultures see their world.

This is an important read for missionaries and those supporting them. It helps us understand the trauma experienced in life overseas, and how to grow and develop our resilience.

A prayer guide for every country, organized A-Z. We use it with our kids as we learn about another country, it's language, history and the specific needs. A really rich resource to keep us oriented toward praying for the nations.

Read this for a practical application of what it means to serve cross-culturally making disciples.

A devotional that helps you pray for the unreached for one month. You learn where the unreached are, and are better equipped to pray.

This is a must-read for anyone going to serve in short or long term missions. It's insightful and practical in our approach to helping. You will also find this interesting if you are wrestling with how to donate toward missions, as you gain understanding toward what will be truly helpful.

He shares the story of his own journey in missions, and how it fuelled his travels across the globe to interview the persecuted church. Stories that we need to hear to understand what it means to suffer for the Gospel, to spur on our faith.


I found this one at the city library. A really neat story about a man who brought the gospel to his people, the Anishinabe, in Ontario. This story stuck with me.

Probably a classic among missionary biographies, it's a great read. A story written by the son of a man who was killed in South America, tells of a legacy of faith and the power of the Holy Spirit to transform.

A man oversees an orphanage, but what happens when there is no money and no food? He modelled an exemplary life of prayer, for each and every daily need. What a challenge to us in this day and age where many things we have are provided for.

The adventurous story of Brother Andrew as he smuggled bibles across the borders of closed nations. It will challenge you to think through what it means to count the cost.

Hope you enjoyed looking over the titles, and that if you are looking for something to read, that this would be a help to you!

What are some titles about missions that you have enjoyed?


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