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A Sunday Prayer

As they clear the snow off the roads in town, a snow hill piles up on the bay in front of our house. The kids jump, dig, slide and play on it for hours. Then, we serve up hot chocolate with marshmallows. On these quiet lockdown days, it’s a joy.

This week they removed the snow hill. While there was an outcry from my littlest, it reminds me of how easily the things we enjoy can be taken from us: small health issues suddenly become a serious diagnosis, through tragedy a loved one is gone, social activity on pause until pandemic restrictions open up again.

We experience life’s changes; we process the grief and the pain, wishing it would all go away. Yet, it lingers, inviting us to reach out and trust our pain to the Lord.

What does not change, what circumstances cannot take away, is the grace and mercy we have in Christ. The steadfast hope we hold on to. This is our treasure, no matter what happens around us. In the middle of our pain, we have a solid anchor.

The love of God is expressed to us while we find ourselves stuck in sin and rebellion against him, he provides a sacrificial gift. A gift that cost him pain and suffering. An offering that would be scorned. Freely given that we would be reconciled to him once again, despite our continuing struggle with sin.

What an amazing gift.

“Holy Spirit, grant that we may weep in praise of the mercy that we have found. May we tell others as long as we live that you are a pardoning God who pursues proud and selfish sinners and transforms them into grateful, humble, loving, and sacrificial saints. Though we are weak in this life and only make small beginnings in obedience, may our hearts expand with joy to think of the great treasure that is ours in Christ. His perfect love casts out fear, for though we continue to sin, there is no condemnation left for us, and an eternity of joy has been purchased by his blood. Give us boundless gratitude and increasing grace to live in submission to your perfect and loving will and to sacrifice ourselves as he laid down his precious life for us. In Christ’s name, amen.”



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